WordPress SEO

We are experts at using the Yoast package to ensure that your wordpress pages and posts rank as highly as possible.

Increasingly people are finding that designing a basic wordpress website is a DIY job, wordpress SEO still takes a considerable amount of thought and planning. We use Yoast to ensure the best possible results for your webpage, tweaking content and titles as necessary.

 What is Yoast?

Yoast is a popular plugin for the WordPress content management system which allows developers to analyse their work as they write. It works using a traffic-light system to tell the developer which areas of their content need to be improved. By using a combination of the Yoast plugin and our own experience and knowledge we are able to ensure that your site isn’t “just another wordpress page” but is in fact valuable high quality content.

WordPress SEO – DIY or Professional?

WordPress is great for designing simple websites without a huge amount of experience – although as any developer will tell you you get what you pay for! However, search engine optimisation is best left to the experts. There are many great looking wordpress sites out there which are great to read, but won’t ever reach the first page on google because no-one has thought about SEO.

Yoast will allow you to conduct basic wordpress SEO on your own website, but we couple that with experience and a range of other white-hat SEO techniques to really get the most out of your content.