SEO Analytics

You may have a great website, but how do you know whether it is performing well? Has that SEO campaign worked? Are you getting value for money?

We use a range of SEO analytics tools to ensure that your website is performing well. Whether we’ve done the SEO work ourselves, whether you’ve done the work at home, or whether you want us to check someone else’s SEO work, we specialise in using google analytics to ensure that your website is performing well on the most commonly used search engine.

Why are SEO Analytics important?

With any business activity, its important to measure results. If you pay for a TV campaign you want to know how many people watch the advert and then buy your product. Well the same applies if you are paying for Search Engine Optimization.

In addition, we’ll be the first to admit that we don’t always get it right first time (any SEO expert who claims otherwise is likely to be being economical with the truth!). We use SEO analytics as standard with any SEO campaign to ensure that we’re getting the process right, and that your website is climbing up the steep and slippery ladder that is Google Rankings!

What can we measure?

Using Google Analytics, we can measure:

  • Keyword data – which keywords are bringing people into your site
  • Entry and exit pages – where are people landing in your site… and what is making them leave?
  • Popular / quiet pages – what content are people looking at, and what is just wasting space?
  • How long people stay on your website – is your content interesting enough for them?
  • What sites are referring people to you?
  • Which search engines are driving traffic to you?
  • Visitor paths – how are visitors navigating your site
  • Geographical location – where are people looking at your site from?