Localised SEO

Increasingly people go online to buy goods or services locally. For companies working in a specific geographical area, local SEO marketing can be a valuable tool. People won’t travel 200 miles to find a decent bakery, but they will travel to the next village.

How can Localised SEO bring in more customers?

Localised SEO today is about more than just typing lists of local names into the content or metadata. Good quality SEO is all about quality keywords inserted strategically into good quality organic content. If your SEO “expert” just adds a pile of local village and town names to the bottom of each page, its time to find a new supplier.

Localised on-site optimisation is most effective when it is accompanied by a local social media campaign, listings on local directories, google places, etc. Localised SEO can form just part of a larger SEO strategy. As with all our projects, we will produce a full strategy and conduct full keyword research before we start any online work.

What local areas do you cover?

Although we are based in Bristol (in South West England) we are able to offer this service worldwide. If its in an area that we don’t have a great knowledge of we will use a variety of online tools (including google maps!) to work out what names are best to include. Local SEO doesn’t mean you need to employ a local contractor to provide the service.