IMAG0013In 2013, I made a life changing decision to give up a career in emergency planning within the charity sector and set up my own web design business.

Since the late 1990s I have been designing websites for myself and for organisations that I have been involved with. My first site, Semper-Eadem, was a website about the history of Leicestershire, and was initially coded in basic HTML before moving on to an early content management system called “Xoops”.

Over the years I have used a number of content management systems to design and manage websites – these days most of my work is with WordPress, Joomla and Umbraco, although I am also familiar with Drupal.

As Social Media began to rise in popularity I set up and managed accounts for various organisations. Today, social media plays a huge part in my life and I manage accounts for a number of clients, as well as for charities that I am involved in.

You can find out a bit more about me on my own website and blog

Dan Spencer

Owner, Penguin-Web



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